Portrait & Lifestyle Photography in Hampshire

Portrait Photography

As a professional, Hampshire based portrait and headshot photographer, I find myself primarily taking photos of people for many different uses; businesses, individuals, engaged couples, as well as models and families.  Whether you’re looking for a new profile picture for your social media profiles, you’re in need of a headshot for your company website, or perhaps something a little more relaxed like engagement photos then I’d be more than happy to work with you.

Having provided lifestyle photography for many years, I’ve recently moved in to a local studio allowing me to provide an even better range of portraiture services.

01. Engage

Let’s talk! Get in contact with me let me know a little bit about you, what your requirements are and what you want your photos to do for you.

02. Capture

Whether we’ve decided to shoot in the studio or on location, we’ll meet up, get to know each other and put our masterplan in to action.

03. Review

Once we’ve finished shooting, we’ll sit down and review all of the images that we captured and select your favourite images.

04. Deliver

Over the next couple of days, I’ll work to professionally edit, retouch and deliver your photos to an exceptionally high standard.

Studio Portrait and Lifestyle Photography in Hampshire

Studio Photography

Having recently moved in to a professional photographic studio, my opportunities offering studio portrait and lifestyle sessions has rapidly expanded. With access to both white and black coves as well as a further variety of coloured backdrops the potential to create your perfect image is fantastic.

Headshot Portrait & Lifestyle Photography in Hampshire

Headshot Photography

As online profiles are rapidly increasing, the way that we are portrayed on the internet is becoming more and more important. Whether you’re looking for a crisp white background or something different, I can produce headshots for websites, social media, presentations, PR, blogs, brochures and modelling portfolios.

Lifestyle Photography in Hampshire

Lifestyle Photography

One of my favourite styles of photoshoots is the lifestyle photoshoot. I believe that you should be able to learn a lot about a person through an image. I enjoy learning about a person and working with them to create a series of photos that tell a story about who they are. Lifestyle shoots generally take somewhere between half a day and a full day. This is necessary to explore what works and what doesn’t with an individual. It also gives us the ability to spend some time in the studio and some time ‘on location’, whether that be outdoors, in a gym or at a location of your choice.

So, if you’re looking to gain some more engagement on your Instagram or secure your next social media brand deal then booking a lifestyle portrait shoot with me will be a great stepping stone.

Portrait Photography in Hampshire

Portrait Photography

If you’re looking for something with a little more atmosphere than a standard headshot, then spending some time with me in the studio or out on location can be brilliant. I love telling a story with my camera and producing a series of photos that I’m proud of.

If you’re looking for a studio portrait session, then I have a variety of lighting set ups and backdrops available that we can customise to produce your perfect portrait. If you’re looking for an outdoor portrait session then there is a diverse range of settings within a close locality.

Health & Fitness Portrait Photography in Hampshire

Fitness Photography

Show off what you’ve worked so hard for. Fitness is becoming even more of a lifestyle to be proud of and it’s something that you should be proud to show off. 

If you have access to a gym or gym equipment then I’ll travel to you and we can shoot in the gym setting, alternatively we can find a spot outdoors to suit your physique and style whether that be a moody underground car park or a trim trail in an outdoor park. We also have the option of shooting in the studio where we can get creative with lighting and backdrops to enhance your looks.

Your Questions Answered


Can I bring an outfit change?

I photograph most types of events; festivals, live music, sporting events, automotive and motorsport, theatre performances, celebrations, and festivities are the most common categories that my coverage falls into. If you’re unsure whether I will cover your event then please get in touch with me.

How long will it take for my photos to be ready?

Your selected photos will be available for download around seven days after our shoot. This allows time to professionally edit and retouch your images.

What image license is included?

This question is quite complex so I have provided a two-part answer for better understanding.

What image license do you supply?

The standard image license that I supply with my images is a commercial license. This license, in simple terms, gives you the right to use my images for personal and commercial purposes apart from resale, for an unlimited period of duration. The copyright will remain with me as the photographer unless a buyout is agreed beforehand.


Can we buy all the rights to all of your supplied images?

Generally, copyright will always remain with the creator of artwork (Photographer), however, if you are certain that you would like a buyout of my images that I deliver from your session then this can be arranged. It is essential that this request is made clear before employing my services.

What kind of equipment do you use?

In order to ensure that I can supply you with the highest quality photos, I use the latest, professional equipment. My cameras and lenses are flagship models from Nikon which allow me to deliver crisp, sharp images even in the most difficult of conditions. I always carry spare equipment and back-up cameras with me as well as keeping all of my kit regularly serviced.

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, I hold fully comprehensive £5 million public liability insurance as well as professional indemnity cover.

Can we have all of the photos that you take on our photoshoot?

As with many other photographers, I don’t send unedited photos to clients purely on the basis that I need to have a minimum standard of quality for my published/supplied work. We will have reviewed the photos from our session and picked the best ones from the set. These will then be professionally retouched and edited.

Can you get rid of my spots, wrinkles and imperfections?

With your permission, I can remove any imperfections.

How do we get to the studio and is there parking available?


The address for the studio is IncuHive Space, Mayflower Cl, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4AR. The studio is well located, just a short distance from the M3 as well as short distance from Southampton and Winchester. The studio is a 10 minute walk from Chandler’s Ford train station.


During working hours, there is one available parking space on site. Outside of working hours there is ample parking available.

Can I bring my own props?

Yes, please do! Please feel free to bring props that you like or feel are meaningful to our photoshoot. In some cases we may not use all of your props but we will incorporate what we can in to the session.

My Clients are my Success


Amazing photographer! Couldn't be happier with the photos for my site, billboards and other advertising materials. A real cool guy to work with too. Super professional but also easy to get on with. Highly recommend!

Tom BertramUK Singer Songwriter