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Adding an Identity to Your Photos with a Photologo

By July 14, 2017 November 10th, 2017 8 Comments

Introducing Photologo

As a perfectionist, I’ll always be striving to better my creative work. Like many other photographers, one of the biggest things I’ve struggled with behind the scenes is creating an identity within my photos. My signature hasn’t changed since I was 10 years old and I’ve never been much of a graphic designer.

The last thing that you want to do is take a stunning picture that you’re really proud of and then plonk a distracting, ugly watermark on it. I’m certainly guilty of this and usually reassure myself that it will add some protection to my work… Realistically it won’t.

Photologo provide a fantastic way of adding your name to your photos without ruining the image that you worked so hard to create, process and publish. A watermark should be a way of signing your work, not necessarily protecting it. Let’s face it, if someone wants to take your work, they will find a way. 

I discovered Photologo through their Instagram marketing campaign. One of their example logos caught my eye so I thought I’d take a look at their website. I was a little bit hesitant at first, worrying that it would just end up being too similar to everyone else that purchased one. 

After a couple of days of hesitance, I finally went ahead with it. They were offering a 60% off sale from $100, I paid $15 extra so that I was also sent the source file, in case I wanted to make different versions in the future. It’s worth noting that I definitely wouldn’t have paid full price for this, at my current stage of photography, I wouldn’t be able to justify spending over $100 on a logo/watermark. I filled out the questions which asked for details of what you want to be written and preferences such as how thick or swirly I wanted my logo to be. 

I filled out the questions which asked for details of what text I wanted and preferences such as how thick or swirly I wanted my logo to be. Just to be clear, at this stage, I hadn’t ever spoken to anyone at Photologo and I have no affiliation with them. 

The following morning I woke up to an email saying that my order had been completed, the email provided a tracking link to where I could download my files. It was a nice logo, I downloaded the four .png files that they supplied. A low and hi-res version of both a black and white logo. Here’s what they came up with.

I was pretty happy with it, it looks nice, but it lacked a little ‘flare’. I was after something that was modern, easy to read, but also different. Not something that was too similar to everyone elses.

So I decided to send them a message asking them to revise it and see what else they could come up with. The customer support team were really helpful and prompt in getting back to me. Within the following 48 hours they sent me a new and refreshed version. This one really ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for.

Now, in order for full disclosure, I should mention that while I was waiting for the revision of my logo, I got into a bit of a conversation with Dan at Photologo and after explaining a little bit about what I do and that I was keen to publish an article about my experience with them, he sent me two discount codes. One was for 100% off the animated version of my logo, and the other for 100% off ‘Photo Polish’ their image watermarking program.

These are two additional features that I wouldn’t have ever bought for myself. I’m sure they have lots of added benefit for some people, but, for me, I just wouldn’t have any use for them. With that being said, I gladly accepted them and said I’d give them a try.

None of the above has affected how I feel about them or influenced my opinions in this article. My total transaction amount was $77.99 for the 24hr turn around on the logo and source file. Trust me, if they were bad, I’d let you know.

Photopolish - Watermarking Software

In the past, I’ve used an application called ‘PhotoBulk’ so I was interested in having a comparison to test out. Installation on to my MacBook Pro was simple, just like installing any other external application.

Photopolish has a basic layout with three sections. The left-hand section is where you can import your images that require watermarking, the right-hand column is where you can store your watermarks and the central section is where you view the current image that you’re working on. Once saved into the program your watermarks remain there so you can pick which one to use, for example, if you have different clients needing different watermarks.

There is a feature for bulk watermarking all of the images that you import to match and exporting is easily done with a number of options to save different file types and image qualities. 

The software is a little clunky and seems to be in its early stages of development. A few minor bug fixes could really improve the user experience in my opinion. One minor thing that I didn’t like is that on export it adds a seemingly random sequence of numbers to the end of the file name; although not necessarily an issue, for us pedantic types it seems a bit strange for something that doesn’t seem necessary.

Overall, I much prefer being able to preview an image with its watermark and change them individually to suit each image which is something that PhotoBulk doesn’t offer. With a few more features and bug fixes, the Photopolish application could be a necessity in every photographer’s toolbox.

Was it worth it?

Yes. Overall I was very pleased with my purchase from Photologo, although a little on the expensive side, they’re nowhere near the cost of hiring a good(!) graphic designer. The simplicity of having a sleek, professional, identity allows me to now concentrate on so much more.


  • Brian Milne says:

    Dear Will,
    I very much like the theory behind both products, I think it’s an unbeatable combination. That said, as is with way too many products offered anymore, there is no hard copy version. I am of the school where I want a disc in my hand that I can doenload onto a desktop, laptop, or an android device. Is this product available in this format? How do people sell their product in areas or countries that have no internet or wifi.
    Thank you,
    Brian (still want a disc) Milne

    • wbailey95 says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment! I understand your frustrations, I’m not aware that these are available via a physical version. I’d suggest contacting Photologo themselves to see if hard copies are available.

      I think that from a business perspective it is far cheaper to supply products and programs digitally, at a fraction of the cost of hard copies, therefore equalling a greater profit margin… Additionally, many computers (desktops/laptops/Macs/MacBooks) are now being manufactured with no disk drive so I’d have thought that the demand for hard copies has fallen over the last few years!

      The age of online and digital is taking over but there will always be something quite nostalgic about installing software via a disk!

      Take care,

  • Dan says:

    Hi Will.

    I went to the photologo website but don’t see any mention of an animated version of a logo like you have above.
    I have not ordered my logo yet. It that something they upsell at checkout?

    • wbailey95 says:

      Hi Dan, yes – I’m pretty sure they offer this at checkout. If not, send them an email, their support have been very helpful whenever I’ve contacted them.

  • Hi! I have purchased Photologo and the logo file. I have used it and am very happy with the results. I would like to jazz the watermark up a bit and I’m not sure how to do it. For example, I would like to thicken the logo. Is ther any documentation or examples that you could show me in order to build a collection of watermarks?

    • wbailey95 says:

      Hi Bob, glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with Photologo! Editing the logo yourself would require a graphic design program such as Adobe Illustrator and knowledge of the program. I’d suggest speaking to a freelancer on a website such as or and asking them to make your customisations for a small fee.

  • Peter Wilson says:

    Hi Will, thanks for the interesting article, I noted the animated logo, how (and in what circumstances) could you use this?

  • robin says:

    Hi Will
    read your comments and Q&As with interest.
    Like with you – they turned around stuff quickly and I would efficiently. As someone who was captured by their ad on Instagram – I jumped in feet first and like you – only with a discount.
    I have managed to install the software (including photopolish) – laptop with Windows 10 – however to date have *not* been to export any of the watermarked images – it is forever initialising.
    I have contacted them – they asked me to uninstall and then reinstall – but nada. Now waiting for another response from them.
    Any tips…
    Frustrated of Pixelland…


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